Gufhtugu Aims to Bring Back Reading Culture in Pakistan

Even though book reading has many benefits, a large number of school-going children do not have access to good libraries. Book reading seems to be declining in the country. Gufhtugu is a publishing startup and it believes that the multi language system in the country has contributed to the declining trend in book reading. The official language of instruction is English, however, not many children are fluent in the same.
Most of the literature available in the country is international and therefore in the English language, therefore, children shy away from indulging in leisure reading. Most people can read and understand Urdu but Urdu literature is very limited. Moreover, affordability further widens the learning gap as not everyone can afford to keep buying good new books.
Gufhtugu is trying to address these issues and revive the culture of book reading in the country by enhancing common man’s access to literature, both academic and non-academic. Besides making reading affordable, the platform is also breaking the language barrier by making the biggest educational, fiction, and non-fiction titles available in Urdu. You can even find the Urdu version of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter!
Gufhtugu is also bringing back the rare Urdu books including a collection of 40 years of Urdu science fiction, a complete set of Mazhar Kaleem’s Imran Series, and the translation of literary giants like H. Rider Haggard. In a short span of three years, Gufhtugu has delivered 50,000+ books to 12,000+ customers, and has published 100+ books for authors from 07 countries.

Source: ProPakistani

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