Discover New Possibilities at Lahore College of Arts and Science

The Lahore College of Arts and Science was conceived to strike the status quo in Pakistan’s educational system. The founders hoped to form a facility for female education. In September 1987, LACAS became the premier school to offer A Level exams to girls. Moreover, the school has made its way to retune the educational benchmark and reach novel heights. The educational institute’s mission is to guarantee that each student achieves his or her potential as they build self-confidence and honesty while accepting their individual traits and respecting diversity. The school believes this will lead the students towards independent thinking and motivate them to learn forever.

LACAS distinguishes itself through its activities. The school has been the focus of leading newspapers as they revived the traditional annual stage plays and brought out the idea of parliamentary-style debates in Lahore. The school has been aiding charities such as Shaukat Khanum and Sundas Foundation as they march towards their dream of bringing true equality to Pakistan.

The main school is located at 302 F/11, M.A Johar Town, Lahore. The LACAS Early Years Programme (REACH), which offers an international standard of education for children, is offered in campuses: Johar Town Campus, Burki Campus, Canal Side Girls Campus, Gulberg Girls Campus, Model Town Campus, and Gujranwala Campus.

Due to the pandemic, the admissions are now held online. The process demands you to fill the form and submit the necessary documents, an admission test will be taken once schools reopen. There is a non-refundable Admission Fee (Rs. 15000), refundable Security Fee (Rs. 15000), and every 2 months the Tuition Fee (Rs. 19750) is charged.

Regarding the admission criteria, for playgroup, the child must have a simple understanding of English and an oral exam is taken. The (pre-)reception stage tests simple vocabulary, numbers, and IQ.

Playgroup starts at the ages of 2.7 to 3.6 years and the school accepts students up to 13.7 to 14.6 years (corresponding to grade 9) where 2.7 means 2 year 7 months.

Grades 1 to 9 require a written test on English, Urdu, and Maths. Grade 10 requires Pak Studies and Islamiat along with Sciences or Arts.

The Early Years (REACH) programme focuses on allowing children to think and question. To learn about themselves and their cultural background while grooming them into adequate humans.

The Primary and Middle School (grades 1 to O Level) education involves mandatory subjects such as English, Math, Urdu, Pak Studies, Islamiyat, and optional courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, and Computer Science.

The A Level curriculum involves similar subjects as above, but the school offers a lot more unique aspects to make the experience worth it. The students are enabled to avail the insights of experience staff, foreign educational trips, guidance counseling, unmatched extra-curricular activities, scholarships, and admissions to top universities.

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